Soul Cartel #128 – Minotarus is…OnePunchMan!?!

This week comic was rather unexpected, at least to me. We begin where we left off with Minotarus vs Gerios. From the small fight/dialog we learn Minotarus is ademon that relies on animal which is obvious and cool at the same time. Another cool thing about this fight was Gerios werelion form.

Soul Cartel 281

 The biggest surprise of the chapter was the growth of Minotarus. I didn’t expect him to train while visiting the Demon City. In his training he came up with a new technique called Knuckle. Knuckle is a technique where he makes brass knuckle out of his horns, which is simple but cool at the same time. My Gawd is this move strong. Not only did it defeat Gerios in one punch, it also made a miniature crater. My only gripe with this chapter is we didn’t see more from Minotarus because he was awesome in this week comic. Overall, pretty good read this week.

Soul Cartel 281 2

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